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ADI Residents Action Group Website Archive

Here is the link to the old ADI Residents Action Group website. This website is no longer being updated but is still a vital resource as it contains a vast history and documentation about the fight to save the ADI Site.

All current ADI info will be posted on this site www.wsca.org.au



WSCA v Penrith City Council & Ors
Land and Environment Court Proceedings No 40783 of 2011

See our Points of Claim and donate to help fund our legal challenge here

Brad Hazzard passes the ADI Site buck onto Robyn Parker

See a recent letter from Brad Hazzard to WSCA here basically lumping Robyn Parkers Office with his election commitment that an additional 100 ha of the ADI Site would be saved by the Liberals. Over to you Robyn.

Bart Bassett called on to organise urgent meeting on ADI Site clearing and Liberal broken promise

Email here sent to the office of Bart Bassett the local Liberal Member for Londonderry on the 26th September 2011. His seat takes in the entire ADI Site.

Here is Bart Bassett's response to the above email which includes WSCA's further response

Lend Lease bulldozers role despite legal action

WSCA commenced legal proceedings challenging Penrith Councils approval of Lend Lease DA's to clear 59 ha of bushland at the ADI Site. The Environmental Defenders Office, representing WSCA, wrote to Lend Lease detailing the case and requested they surrender the consents issued by Council. This occurred on Monday and they were given until 3pm Wednesday the 21/09/11 to comply otherwise an injunction would be sought to cease any works. Lend Lease, in an act of bastardry, organised bulldozers to come on site to start clearing. Clearing commenced on Wednesday afternoon and continued all day Thursday. The EDO was only informed that the site had been bulldozed on Thursday afternoon.

The EDO on Friday morning sought an injunction to stop Lend Lease. However pressure from WSCA and good media coverage forced Lend Lease to voluntarily stop work and they gave the Land and Environment court an undertaking not to commence work until Monday the 26th at 10am.

Stay tuned for further updates and actions

Cumberland Plain Woodland bulldozed by Lend Lease

Barry O'Farrell Greenwash ahead of St Marys Community Cabinet Meeting

Just two days out from a community cabinet meeting at St Marys (19/9/2011) Barry O'Farrell the NSW Premier has thrown up an environmental smokescreen to deflect attention from his governments broken promise to protect 100 ha of critically endangered bushland that Lend Lease propose to bulldoze at the ADI Site (Jordan Springs).

The Premier has managed to get Channel Nine news to run a story about the Libs election commitment to change the reserve status of the 181 ha former Air Services Australia site from Regional Park to Nature Reserve. The news story claims that the site has been saved from housing by the Premier. This is not the truth and is an insult to WSCA volunteers, including the author, who since 2004, dedicated countless hours to fighting and exposing all levels of government to have this site saved. The Channel Nine story can be seen here


Whilst a Nature Reserve is better than a Regional Park the truth is the Libs did nothing to conserve this land. Its protection from housing was locked in years ago when WSCA secured $15 million in Federal Funds to buy the site back. That triggered a cave in by Penrith Council who then decided that their Penrith LEP would rezone the site for nature conservation. NSW Labor then turned its back on the developer and WSCA managed to get the Feds and NSW to the negotiating table to have the site acquired from the cash strapped developer. Ever since politicians and governments have tried to take the credit for saving the site when it was really saved by community volunteers from WSCA. Barry O'Farrell is just another politician to take the credit for the hard work done by the real saviours of this land. If anyone thinks this is grand standing by the author then they are just in denial of the truth.

The real conservation test for the Liberals was not to tinker with a reserve classification but to honour their ADI Site commitment and actually demonstrate a commitment to conserve some bushland. Not re-announce the protection of land already saved from development. They have reneged on their ADI promises and are probably expecting a flogging at the community cabinet meeting. Hence the spin in advance of this meeting. WSCA has lodged an application to meet with Robyn Parker and Brad Hazzard about several important conservation issues including the broken ADI Site commitment. You can view the issues flagged with the Libs here

Lend Lease latest DA's for Jordan Springs

Lend Lease lodge Development Applications (DA'S) with Penrith Council to clear another 59 hectares of critically endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland at ADI Site (Jordan Springs)

Penrith Council bulldoze NSW Government election commitment

Penrith Council has approved six development applications by Lend Lease allowing 59 hectares of critically endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland to be bulldozed. Liberal Councillors, including Tanya Davies the Liberal Member for Mulgoa, voted with Labor and in doing so have bulldozed a commitment by the Liberal Nationals to conserve an additional 100 hectares within Jordan Springs. Their actions have left Barry O'Farrell and his Brad Hazzard looking like liars.

Brad Hazzard and Environment Minister Robyn Parker have been called on to step in and take this development proposal off Penrith Council

Robyn Parker, the NSW Environment Minister, however has confirmed that the O'Farrell Government has reneged on this election commitment by telling the Penrith Press that they (the government) - with the skewed logic that somehow Penrith Council represents the local community - believe local planning decisions are best made by the local community. She then goes on to claim they are protecting Cumberland Plain Woodland through their $40 million NSW wide corridors fund. This is nonsense as only a fraction of that money is to be spent in Western Sydney and likely on bushland that contains no CPW.

The NSW Liberals think they can get away with these lies because a couple of conservative conservationists publicly endorsed the Liberal environment policy at the last election. This small breakaway group, with a narrow conservation objective, has effectively undermined broader conservation efforts, such as at the ADI Site, by giving the NSW government the legitimacy to ignore groups critical of their policies. WSCA has criticised the new government and they are largely refusing to acknowledge our existence by refusing to meet with us or answer our phone calls and correspondence. Here is an example being Catherine Cusack's outrageous attack on WSCA (nothing but facts stated by WSCA) prior to the NSW Election.  

Read our media release on this appalling ADI Site outcome here

Here is a You Tube video of David Shoebridge of The Greens getting stuck into the O'Farrell government over this outcome:


Lend Lease lodge Development Applications (DA'S) with Penrith Council to clear another 59 hectares of critically endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland at ADI Site (Jordan Springs)

Urgent action needed

Penrith Council to determine these DA's Monday the 15th of August - Contact the Penrith Councillors to urge them to oppose these dodgy DA's. Councillor webpage here with all their contact details. Council report is here which includes responses by Lend Lease and Council to the issues raised in WSCA's submission

News update 14th August

Teresa James a well respected botanist and ecological consultant who is an expert in Cumberland Plain Woodland has written this statement critiquing the Penrith Council Report on the Jordan Springs DA's and the peer review of the Lend Lease Species Impact Statement.

Environmental Defenders Office has written this letter to Penrith Councils General Manager suggesting Council may be in breach of the TSC Act. The EDO also sent this expert opinion by Teresa James to Council stating that Lend Leases DA's would have a significant impact on Cumberland Plain Woodland

The Council report predictably concludes the DA's should be approved. It states Dr Trevor Hawkeswood was commissioned by Council to peer review Lend Leases Species Impact Statement. The report states that Dr Hawkeswood concluded the CPW is degraded and not significant and that the Regional Park is a 'trade off' for the development areas.

This is same Trevor Hawkeswood that attended ADI RAG meetings and supported the full conservation of the ADI Site. Trevor Hawkeswood is not an ecologist and more reputable ecological consultants seriously doubt his expertise and rigour. This now only adds to the claim that this ADI Site assessment process is seriously flawed.

Have your say now - email Penrith Council
pencit@penrithcity.nsw.gov.au or Steven Chong (Council Planner)

To see the DA documents hit this link accept the terms and conditions and type any one of these DA numbers DA11/0511, DA11/0512, DA11/0514, DA11/0515, DA11/0516, DA11/0517 into the search box

Lend Lease Species Impact Statement admits biggest ever impact to Cumberland Plain Woodland
Full media release here

WSCA's submission to Penrith Council

This is our submission to Penrith Council which claims Lend Leases Species Impact Statement is flawed and will result in a significant impact to 59 hectares of Cumberland Plain Woodland. Penrith Council who in the past have been pro Lend Lease are under the microscope and must ensure these DA's are assessed properly.

This DA undermines the commitment by the NSW Liberals who promised prior to the NSW election to conserve an additional 100 ha of the ADI Sites Western Precinct (Jordan Springs) 

These DA's undermine the Liberal promise to protect an additional 100 hectares of Jordan Springs.

This is a big test for the Liberal dominated Penrith Council as support for this DA clearly demonstrates that the NSW Liberal Nationals have reneged on the above promise to Western Sydney.

Send your opposition to the Penrith Councillors in an Email Let them know that you want them to reject Lend Leases development and that you want more of the bushland within Jordan Springs protected.


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Legal advice reveals NSW Planning and Environment Ministers have powers to create massive Western Sydney Green Belt including protecting more of the ADI Site.

Legal advice from the Environmental Defenders Office details a range of legal options open to the NSW Govt or an incoming Liberal Govt to create the Cumberland Conservation Corridor a lasting green legacy for Western Sydney. These options are realistic and legal and can be implemented with little cost to the taxpayer. The NSW Govt can list parts of the ADI Site under threat from the development as Critical Habitat. See the legal advice here See concept for Cumberland Conservation Corridor here

NSW Liberals must honour commitment to protect more of the ADI Site

Barry O'Farrell and the NSW Liberal Party have been called on to honour their 2007 election commitment to protect more of the ADI Sites critically endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland. Brad Hazzard and Catherine Cusack are called on to urgently announce their commitment to the protection of Western Sydney's threatened natural heritage. See the Libs 2007 commitment here The options mentioned in the EDO's legal advice above can be used by the Liberals. If they fail to act then they don't deserve government and should stand condemned for their inaction.


ADI Site - image below taken 12th April 2010 - First subdivision site of the Western Precinct
 Development Applications approved by Penrith Council allow the clearing of critically endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland

Same area - image below taken 13 May 2010


WSCA submission July 2013 opposing Lend Leases Jordan Springs DA for 210 more houses here

WSCA's submission to Penrith Council for current stage 2 and 3 DA's here

WSCA's submission to Penrith Council opposing DA11/0015 here

WSCA's submission to Penrith Council opposing Delfins DA10/0790 here

Jordan Springs concept plan map here

Write to Peter Garrett now and urge him to act

mp3 file. WSCA - Peter Garrett must act.  ABC Radio interview here  780kb

Letter sent to Peter Garrett 4th March 2010 here

Letter sent to David Bradbury 11th March 2010 here